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Three Scrunchie Makin Sisters! 

Hello my name is Natalie, I love my six sisters, hunting, playing softball, watching baseball, fishing with my five brothers and dad, I enjoy staying active in the outdoors, and I love our God! and I would love it if you would like to buy some of our scrunchies!!

Natalie Kossan

Owner of Scrunchie Nation

Hey my name is Rachel, and I love to make scrunchies. And would love to make them for you. Also I enjoy hanging out with my 11 siblings and my Dad. I love the outdoors and love to hunt and fish with my family.  

Rachel Kossan

Owner of Scrunchie Nation

Hey my name is Kathryn, I love making Scrunchies and would be delighted to make some for you. some of my hobbies are, swimming, hunting, fishing, biking with my twin brother, and i love watching my brothers play baseball and my dad coach, But most of all i love my family.

Kathryn Kossan

Owner of Scunchie Nation